Rest on the lake Alakol
Would you like to relax on Alakol? A good choice, because Alakol is an unusual large lake that changes its color in the morning from azure and blue to purple and even violet at sunset.
Salt water is waiting for you, pleasant invigorating air and the healing power of lake water will relieve your fatigue, give you new strength and calm your state of mind.
Features of Lake Alakol
Along with Lake Balkhash, Alakol is one of the largest lakes in Kazakhstan. Its length is approximately 104 km, its width reaches 52 km, and its maximum depth is about 54 meters. The lake is fed by the waters of the rivers flowing into it. The reservoir has no drains.

Translated from Kazakh, the word "alakol" means colorful, indeed, the color of the water on the lake can change several times during the day. Many factors affect the shade of the reservoir - weather conditions, the angle of incidence of sunlight, depth in certain areas and bottom properties. As a result, vacationers admire the play of colors - from pale turquoise and emerald to dark gray.

The coastal strip has its own characteristics - the sand here is black, pebbles are also dark. Due to their color, they glow in the sun, so you should think about beach shoes. Pebbles come across large, and they are also found at the bottom, so it will not be superfluous to take comfortable swimming shoes with you.