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Travel company “Voyage”

Our mission to develop sustainable tourism is to increase interest within the country and in the world community in Kazakhstan as a sustainable tourism destination.

Our goal is to contribute to a sustainable society and sustainable tourism.

Our objectives include reducing negative environmental impacts and meeting tourism standards.

As a tour operator, we bear social, economic and environmental responsibility!

Voyage touristic agency since September 17, 2010 works in league of tour operators of Kazakhstan* as “Voyage –Altai Kazakhstan TOO” and in 2009 registered as travel company.

Voyage works for internal routes and selection real options for vacationers and travelers, including for foreign tourists.

We will proudly offer best and popular foreign destinations and well-rated hotels. Our travel company works as train and air ticket for purchase aggregator, so you can purchase a ticket for yourself thru our travel company as in ticket office. We could help you prepare documents for visa, insurance services, organization of travel for abroad or, if you are a member of a foreign company or a private traveler and you need to tour or travel in Kazakhstan.

We are the official representatives of the sanatorium-resort complex "Russia" (Belokurikha, Russia).



Why it has to be us?

Affordable price
Every time adequate prices appropriate to the chosen type of holiday.

We work so that you rest.

Swiss timeframe

It means to be if you are preparing a tour, we will do it as specified in the contract.


Guarantee of quality service.

Individual attentional

Personal approach, free consultation and selection of the tour.